Microwave Sample Preparation

Gas Generators (H2, N2)

Benchtop NMR

Precision Weighing

Super Critical Fluid Extraction

Elemental & TOC Analysis

Analysers for Water and Soil Testing- COD, pH, Conductivity, Turbidity


Our customers come from a wide range of industries including, Food/Beverage, Dairy, Pharma, Environmental, Academia, Forensics & Chemical

Technical Know How

  • 25 Years Experience
  • Application Focused
  • Equipment sourcing

Service & Support

  •  Factory Trained Local Engineers
  • Training
  • 3rd Party Servicing

Our Customers

New name, same expertise

With full support from all our suppliers, we are delighted to be bringing you the same great team and network of expertise, which will continue to deliver high quality, reliable instrumentation and provide a support service second to none. Not only that but we are now partners with Dalco Engineering, the Premier Centralised Nitrogen Generator company in Ireland with more than 28 years experience in the industry. This new partnership allows us to expand into a new premises and avail of additional service support and administration capabilities.  We will be in contact in the very near future with further updates.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the last number of years and we look forward to building a stronger, deeper relationship with you, long into the future.  We will be adding to our already impressive list of equipment manufacturers and will be in contact through email and our social media platforms with all exciting announcements.

Aaron Ryder

Sales Director

Food Industry

Dairy Industry

Pharma Industry

Environmental Industry

Chemical Industry

Research & Teaching